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"Nature's Yucky Blues" is an original song by Rachael Kroog
based on Lee Ann Landstrom and Karen Shragg's 1st book entitled Nature's Yucky. The complete song is available as a single on cd for $5.00 by emailing Rachael at rachaelkroog@earthlink net.



"We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions"
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Go to the final act of act 1 to Rachael and Youthstomp

I created this production of Queen's "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" in the fall of 2012. I wanted to incorporate a "stomp" element into the opening so I enlisted the support of some of my teenage friends to join me on bicycle pumps, garbage cans, plastic buckets and taps.
I also wanted the "champion" portion to not be about us but about a cause that they were passionate about. I invited them to find one word that they would like to champion in their life. These words were hidden inside the garbage can covers and revealed at the end of the performance.

The cabaret show was in Oct., right in the middle the debate around the marriage amendment. The kids and I all believed that we shouldn't write discrimination into our constitution by amending it to say that "marriage is only between one man and one woman". In Nov., we scored a huge victory here in MN. and defeated the amendment. It was a historic day in MN. as we are the 1st state to defeat this amendment. The fight for equality goes on. Here's to a world where all people have equal rights to love who they want.


Watch Rachael's "Thriller" performance from 2011's
 One Voice Spring Fever Cabaret.


 St. Joan of Arc Cabaret - Rachael Kroog & kids perform



REVIEW: You threw out your idea to me a few months ago, and now I got to see it in it's completed form..... really fantastic Rachael!!! You and all of the kids that performed with you were committed to the performance 100%, and as always your message is spot on. I am really moved by your ability to come up with an idea and carry it off so well. You all deserved the standing O you got!! Please pass on my congratulations to everyone of your crew. They were awesome!


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version of "Talk To The Animals"
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