"Kindness is Cool" Motivational KidPower Show Reviews:

#1. Rachael gave a Kindness presentation at our school today for the elementary grades, and I was lucky enuff to have the time to watch. Rachael is dynamite just waitin to be lit..... scratch that, she's more like dynamite challenging OTHERS to get lit. I love her! Few people can hold that many kids' attention and also teach them something on top of it. They had fun.....I had fun.....AND...... she made a difference today. So few folks can say that. Just thought I'd share that,,.....
Sincerely, John S., Music Specialist at Community of Peace Academy

#2. I've been in advertising for 18 years, manage a singer (my wife) and I have to say you are one of the best performers that I've ever seen. You have TALENT! You're awesome! There is an art beyond talent where one has the confidence and energy to go beyond a good performance - where the audience can experience you enjoying it - that you have. It's magical. Way to go. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Kids love it. Adults love it. Keep it going...
Rich W.- producer, videographer

#3. Advil for the headache that follows recess duty due to bully problems-- $4.95 Stickers that we buy to try and motivate our students--hundreds per year...

2 Kid Power Kindness Assemblies with Rachael Kroog--$600.00
Having each child realize that they "have the power" to be kind? --priceless!!!
You "have the power!" Thanks for energizing my students and me. It was truly priceless.
1st gr. teacher-Connie

#4. I heard rave reviews from the staff about your “Kindness is Cool” Show you did. My own daughter was so mad.....she was home sick that day.
Principal Sue Z.- Rochester Elem.
#5. As a parent, just wanted to let you know that both of my boys came home “rapping” about Kindness yesterday after the assembly they had! They both had so many good things to say about the presenter, Rachael Kroog and her positive messages of kindness. Just wanted to pass this along.
Thanks! Sara- a parent of 3rd and 4th grade boys

#6. I had to send this email to you from yesterday! CUTE! The kids were all a buzz today about “Kindness” (whispered with their fingers fluttering) ALL day!!! Your program has had a positive impact on the kids in my building in just one day. You provided very age appropriate ways to help them truly understand kindness and how they want their school atmosphere to be in Rockford! They had a lot to say about your program today and “That’s Not Okay” and the fluttering kindness fingers could be seen all over our building today. The staff has made a commitment to keep the kindness flowing in our building. Thanks for all you did for our school yesterday! Your work is so important in our kindness project this year. It was a perfect day with you!! Let’s keep in touch!
Warmly, Brenda- principal

#7. “I can’t tell you how terrific the response was to your “Kindness is Cool” show! Everyone loved it and we got feedback that it was the best program we’ve ever had. The children absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for a dynamite, very fun and a thoroughly professional act!
Lucille C.-Founder, Master Teacher

#8. “Wow, is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Rachael Kroog. She was a fabulous presenter for our “Kindness is Cool” Assembly. She got the student’s attention with songs and music and kept their attention while presenting the message that kindness is cool. You know it’s a successful program when students are singing the songs and talking about kindness days after the performance. I’ve noticed kids giving “high fives” to one another in the hall and showing their Kidpower. It’s these types of things that are changing the climate in our building. If you’re looking for a strong character building program, bring Rachael in for a “Kindness is Cool” presentation. It’s one of the best assemblies we have provided for our students.”
Paul H, Dean at Valleyview Elem

#9. “We just had our Kid Power with Rachael performance and it was FABULOUS! From beginning to end the children in our Camp were excited, engaged, enlighted and entertained. Throw in the educational aspects of her performance with emphasis on kindness, friendship, caring and stewardship of the world, it was a privilege to be able to share her message with our kids. We will definitely be inviting Kid Power with Rachael back to share her message again. Thank you!”
Tracey A. at Camp Centerland, JCC

#10. A very special thank you for coming to our school and doing such a great job teaching our students about kindness! You had their undivided attention and that just means one thing, YOU ARE AWESOME! I love to hear the things that you taught them used in our first grade classroom!
Thanks for our time, talent and energy!

You were great!
Ann Marie O. First Grade Teacher
"Rachael Kroog, an eclectic all-around entertainer, never ceases to surprise at each Cabaret. This year she brought her friend, her side-kick dummy named Frederick. The two engaged in silly banter about “Gerioke: Karaoke for Seniors” before launching into the Roy Orbison
ballad “Blue Bayou.” Frederick stayed by her side, of course, to add his own made up verses about losing his toupee back on Blue Bayou. Only Kroog could pull off such a feat keeping the routine fresh, fun and fearless. Savage offered some great steel guitar, too."

Michael Reinboldt from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

"Every year, the question is asked: what will Rachael Kroog do? This year, the "character" wasn't so much Rachael herself, but her little old puppet friend Frederick. Rachael chose to take us down "Blue Bayou", but Frederick had other ideas…a lament about tracking down his toupee which, ahem, blew by you….have you seen it?"

Wendy Vickers from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church


"Wow, is the first word that comes to mind my mind when I think of Rachael Kroog. She was a fabulous presenter for our Kindness Assembly. You know it is a successful program when students are singing the songs and talking about kindness days after the performance."
Paul Helberg
Dean of Students


"As a teacher, I appreciate funny and energetic presentations as much as my students do. Getting the kids involved in the show is a great way to help them have fun and to give your message more meaning. I appreciate the time you took to answer their questions and the encouragement you gave them."
Kerry Young, 3rd Grade Teacher
Valley View Elementary, Bloomington, MN


"Rachael Kroog, entertainer extraordinaire, was able to move our diverse group of students on a roller coaster of emotion and understanding. Rachael was able to give our students hope and guidance during her performance because she found a way to connect with the audience. She was delightful to work with and was so flexible in listening to our needs and turning it into action."
Tami Schultz, Instructional Assistant
Glacier Hills Elementary School


"Rachael Kroog and her band were a true highlight of the 2004 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace. Their customized show got the audience clapping, waving, jumping and singing. Despite the cold temperatures, she captivated the crowd with her unique brand of humor and charm, and left them wanting more. "
Shannon Pierce, Director of Operations
2004 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace


"We really enjoyed your show about kindness! We learned that we can be kind in many ways. We can show kindness by including people, hugging people, helping people, and being friends with people. Thank you for coming to our school. We hope that we can see you again!"
Room 213, Valley View Elementary
Bloomington, MN